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Villa Musee

This imposing colonial mansion sits elegantly in the middle of the property as the grand welcoming feature of Villa Musée. Discovered in a derelict state in Bangrak District of Bangkok, it was moved to Khao Yai in 2013. As testament to the owner’s dedication to restoring the house to its former glory, Prasenchit Mansion was awarded the “Outstanding Conservative Architecture Building” from The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage in 2015.

Palio Khao Yai

Palio Khao Yai has designed and constructed a pedestrian building with European architecture. There is a small shop in a cascading line. Waiting to welcome customers And visitors from around 120 shops by allocating service areas and selling various types of products such as home decoration, fashion clothes Jewelry, design work, wine shop, coffee shop, pub & restaurant, bakery, beauty salon, spa, drug store, book store, food center, IT shop etc.

Nam Phut Natural Spring

Nam Phut Natural Spring Ban Tha Chang Located in Mu Si Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Water that has water flowing all year round With water sprouting out naturally The water that sprang up into the rainwater that fell into the underground and before it sprang from the surface of the ground was filtered from the rocks. With high calcium carbonate Makes the water clear The nature of the water is blue-green with the alkalinity of the water itself.

Khao Yai Panorama Farm

Khao Yai Panorama Farm focuses on the development and cultivation of mushrooms. There are more than ten kinds of mushrooms. It has been incubated by experts under the ozone atmosphere with close and open system. The process through the quality assurance by teachers, academics and mushroom experts from many universities in Thailand. To ensure the product of the farm is high quality and hygiene. Our mushrooms are differentiated to promote healthy to our consumers as well as the tourists.

Scenical World Khao Yai

Change your ordinary holidays to be memorable with the remarkable World Class standard amusement park and water park, Scenical World. Get your adrenaline pumping from over 20 amazingly fun games and rides with the most special panoramic mountains view at Excite zone. Enjoy with the non-stop play action on the multi-level. the center of the mountains and tropical garden. Spending your memorable time with your kids with variety of games.

Primo Piazza Khaoyai

Primo Piazza Khaoyai paints an unforgettable impression of tranquility - a place where leisure harmonizes with nature. Stunning scenery, elegant Italian architecture, and cosy atmosphere make Primo Piazza a must-visit landmark in Khaoyai. Visitors spend rich memorable times exploring endearing souvenirs, and charming pets that will make each of their Primo Piazza experience truly unique and meaningful.
Opened daily Mon-Sun : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm